Friday, December 23, 2011

Search Engine Result Page (SERPs) Tool

For those of you who are  following the contes SEO, this time I will give some alternative ways
This is SEO tools specially designed to enable you track the target keyword in Search Engine. This is tool is very useful for those of you who are follow-up contest or just to track the target keyword in Google.

  1. Please click here
  2. Enter the keyword that are in the include in the contest SEO contest
  3. Enter the URL address of the blog who are following ( you can fill it with URL rival or your URL)
  4. Select the target URL google. for example, race was held on or (Indonesia)
  5. Always be sure to select Yes to clear the browser cache for maximum search results
  6. If the target is found, search results are tracked per 10 result and marked with page number.
Goog Luck    ! 

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