Friday, December 23, 2011

How to increase traffic and visitors via

Is there among you who already know how to increase traffic and visitors to easily and quickly ?
But for those who do not know how do not to worry because now there are Social Traffic Exchange services which is devoted to the bloggers that Plipeo
How it work Plipeo is to connect your blog to other blogs that have become a network of
Do not be surprised if you are already using this service then your blog traffic will increase by 300% and can bring real visitor or visitors who are actually targeted to your blog.
lets as follow to following steps :

  1. Visit http:/ to register

Fill with your blog URL,name,email and the daily traffic of your blog (plipeo do not restrict, so all bloggers could sign up and bring in traffic)
  1. If you already fill the data abouve and you are accepted as a member of plipeo, and the next step is you have to install Widget from plipeo by visiting your Widget page.grab the Widget code and plug in your blog able in the Sidebar or elsewhere
You can select the category that you want to appear on the Widget and slightly modify it to look beautiful on your blog.
  • After installing the Widget code on the your blog, please send your article by selecting the add to your post, please fill in the URL ,tatle and then click submit ( to express your article is original and not the same with the other or not from the copy and paste )
  • If you've sent your article then the team of Plipeo will review the existing post from Widgets in your blog, if it is correct article instead of the copy and paste the Widget will then immediately spread to the network Plipeo
Service like this already widely in use in European cuontries, and Plipeo the sole provider of traffic exchange service similiar in Indonesia    

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